Hot Soft Pretzel (V) $5 

Locally baked w/ Salt & Spicy Mustard  (or substitute Honey Mustard)

                                                                          ADD Beer Cheese or Art Dip for  $2


Curry Chicken Plate $10.50

Our chicken salad is made with a house made curry blend, mayo, red grapes, & celery. 

Served with warm pita wedges.                                   ADD Fresh Vegetables $3.5


 Hummus Plate (vgn)  $8.50

Our own hummus, ask us what our current flavor is, served with warm pita wedges.

  ADD Fresh Vegetables $3.5 

Artichoke Spinach Dip (V)  baked in a  bread bowl $10.5

          ADD Fresh Vegetables $3.5

Pub Nachos (V & GF)  $ 12.5  corn chips, cheddar cheese, salsa, pepper rings & sour cream.  

                      ADD Veg Chili  $3.5            ADD Avocado  $2


Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos  $16 

Corn chips layered with our own beer cheese sauce, Stryker farms pulled pork, pickled red onions, sour cream, and a BBQ sauce drizzle.  ~pasture raised on Stryker Farm in NE Pa. 


Chips and Salsa (vgn & GF) $9

Local Cheese Board  (V) $16

Ask us about today’s two selections served with two mustards & sliced baguette. 



Mac-N- Beer Cheese (V) Made HERE with the finest ingredients.   Bowl     $7

ADD:  Pulled Pork $3   /   Bacon $3   /   Chili $2   /  Extra Cheese $1  

 Art Dip $1  /   BBQ sauce .50   /   Broccoli $1

Pub Chili (vgn)   Bowl  $7    Cup  $4.50

Our very popular hearty, slightly spicy vegan chili, made with a meatless ground.

 Includes a side of corn chips.          

 ADD Cheddar   -OR-   Jalapeño Jack Cheese $1                     ADD   avocado for $2


SOUP OF THE DAY - please ask     $ 4 Cup    $ 6.5 Bowl 


Non-Alcoholic  BEVERAGES 

SGB Root Beer Soda $3       


Cold Brew Coffee on nitrogen, locally roasted   $4


Organic Lemonade   /    Fresh Brewed Iced Tea   $2.5


Soda:     Coke    Diet Coke      Sprite     Ginger Ale    $2.5


Hot Coffee:  locally roasted ‘Fresh Roasted’     $2.5


Hot Tea: Earl Grey,  Mint,  Lemon Ginger,  Lipton,  Green   $2


Juice Box $1               Bottle of water $1.5


*Our kitchen staff is paid fairly & earns a food menu revenue share  :) 


SANDWICHES        * choice of side*      

Corn Chips ~ Potato Chips ~ Slaw ~ Mac & Beer Cheese


Blue Ribbon Ham, chicken, and swiss with dijon mustard and mayo on a toasted baguette.  $13


Stryker Pulled Pork in a tangy BBQ sauce topped with pickled red onions - served on a warm baguette. ~pasture raised on Stryker Farm in NE Pa.    $13      ADD  Beer Cheese $2


Hokey Pokey Ham and our artichoke spinach cheese spread with mixed greens 

on a pretzel bun.   $10.5

Hamwich Ham, Swiss cheese, red onion, mixed greens and spicy mustard,

  on a pretzel bun.    $10.5


B.L.T. Classic trio with six slices of Boar's Head bacon on warm pretzel bun with mayo.  $10.5 

ADD Chicken $ 3      ADD Avocado $2 

Orchard Bird Chicken & bacon with melted sharp cheddar, granny smith apple, bbq sauce on  a warm pretzel bun.  $11.5 


Cranberry Walnut Chicken Wrap Chicken, walnuts, cranberries, swiss, red onion,mixed greens, drizzled with onion vinaigrette - tucked into a tomato wrap. $11.5


Curry Crunch Wrap Made with our own curry spice blend, mayo, red grapes, celery - tossed together with cubed chicken topped with tomato slices and crunchy sunflower seeds.  Served in a seasoned wrap with mixed greens. $11.5                           


(vgn) Hummus Wrap Our own hummus (ask about today’s flavor), with; cucumber, tomato, & red onion slices, with mixed greens in a seasoned wrap.    $10.5


(V) Sunflower Sharp cheddar cheese, spring mix greens, tomato, red onion & crunchy sunflower seeds on multigrain bread with honey mustard and mayonnaise.  

                         $ 10.5      ADD Chicken $3      ADD Avocado $2


(V) Chili Changa Our hearty vegetarian chili,  jalapeño jack cheese,  tomatoes  &  mixed greens folded into a seasoned tomato wrap topped with salsa & sour cream.   

                                            $11        ADD Chicken $3       ADD Avocado $2




Mediterranean Salad Kalamata olives, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, onion and feta on mixed greens with pita wedges, served with our own Greek dressing.  $15


Curry Chicken Salad Chicken salad made with our own curry & red grapes on mixed greens with tomato &  sunflower seeds, served with onion vinaigrette.  $14


(V) Taco Salad  Our vegan chili in a bed of mixed greens with jalapeño jack cheese, pepper rings, onion & tomato, topped with fresh avocado, sour cream and corn chips.  $15


(V) Chef Salad  Veggies and cheese on a bed of mixed greens topped with dressing of your choice and chickpeas upon request. $13

Add: Chicken $3      Ham $3     Bacon $3    Avocado $2    Hummus $2    Sunseeds $1 

Dressings:   Ranch,    Onion Vinaigrette,    Greek,    Honey Mustard,    Oil & Vinegar



Dessert - ask about today’s selection

SGB Root Beer Float  $6

Cold Brew Coffee Float  $7  chocolate or caramel syrup upon request

One scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream  $4  chocolate or caramel syrup upon request


Cinnamon & Sugar Hot Soft Pretzel  $5  with a side of caramel sauce