Check out our menu BELOW & decide what you want :)

If you are HERE and want to order *'take out' to enjoy in our carport or garden - PLEASE go to the bar and order in person.


* if you want to order to TAKE OUT to pick up to take AWAY - then order online, please note we limit the amount of online orders we accept and lengthen wait times of online orders if the kitchen is busy with customers who are physically here ordering.


Hot Soft Pretzel  $4 

Locally baked w/ Salt & Spicy Mustard  (or substitute Honey Mustard)

                                                                          ADD Beer Cheese  $1.50


Curry Chicken Plate $9.50

Our chicken salad is made with a house made curry blend, mayo, red grapes, & celery. 

Served with warm pita wedges.                                   ADD Fresh Vegetables $2.50 


Hummus Plate (vgn) $8  

Our own hummus, ask us what our current flavor is, served with warm pita wedges.

                          ADD Fresh Vegetables $2.50 


Pub Nachos (vgn & GF)  $10.50 corn chips,  cheddar cheese, salsa,  pepper rings & sour cream.                      ADD Veg Chili  $ 2            ADD Avocado  $ 1.50 

Pulled Pork BBQ Nachos  $14 

Corn chips layered with our own beer cheese sauce, Stryker farms pulled pork, pickled red onions, sour cream, and a BBQ sauce drizzle.  


Chips and Salsa (vgn & GF) $7.50


Local Cheese Board  $12.50

Ask us about today’s two selections served with two mustards & sliced baguette.  


Pub Chili (vgn)  

Our very popular hearty, slightly spicy vegan chili, made with a meatless ground. Includes a side of corn chips.       bowl  $6.50    cup  $4.50    

 ADD Cheddar   -OR-   Jalapeno Jack Cheese .50                      ADD   avocado for $1.50


Mac-N- Beer Cheese (v)    bowl $5.00 

ADD -  Pulled Pork $2 /   Bacon $2 /   BBQ sauce .50 /   Extra Cheese .50 /   Broccoli .50

Non-Alcoholic  BEVERAGES

SGB Root Beer Soda $2 

Organic Lemonade $2                     

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea $1.50      

Cold Brew Coffee on nitrogen, locally roasted $3.50    

Soda  $1.50     Coke,    Diet Coke,    Sprite,    Ginger Ale  

Hot Coffee or Tea $1.50           Juice Box $1      


Corn Chips ~ Potato Chips ~ Creamy Slaw ~ Mac & Beer Cheese


French Dip Tender roast beef with melted swiss on a warm baguette, served with au jus for dipping. $12


Stryker Pulled Pork in a tangy BBQ sauce topped with pickled red onions - served on a warm baguette. ~pasture raised on Stryker Farm in NE Pa.    $11   

                                                                                            ADD Beer Cheese $1.50 

B.L.T. Classic trio on warm pretzel bun w/mayo  $9  

     ADD Chicken $ 2.50      ADD Avocado $1.50 

Barnyard  Roast beef, chicken and bacon on a multi-grain & seeded bread with

sharp cheddar and L,T,O and spicy mustard and mayo.  $11 


Orchard Bird Chicken & bacon with melted sharp cheddar, granny smith apple, bbq sauce on a warm pretzel bun.  $10  


Governor Roast beef, jalapeño jack cheese, lettuce, onion & ranch dressing on a warm pretzel bun.     $10


Curry Chicken-Salad Crunch Wrap Made with our own curry spice blend, mayo, red grapes, celery - tossed together with cubed chicken topped with tomato slices and crunchy sunflower seeds.  Served in a seasoned wrap with mixed greens. $10                           


(V) Hummus Wrap Our own hummus (ask about today’s flavor), with; cucumber, tomato, & red onion slices, with mixed greens in a seasoned wrap.    $9  


(V) Sunflower Sharp cheddar cheese, spring mix greens, tomato, red onion & crunchy sunflower seeds on multigrain bread with honey mustard and mayonnaise.  

                                           $ 9.50        ADD Chicken $ 2.50      ADD Avocado $1.50 


(V)Chili Wrap Our hearty vegetarian chili,  jalapeno jack cheese,  tomatoes  &  mixed greens folded into a seasoned wrap topped with salsa & sour cream.   

                                            $9.50        ADD Chicken $ 2.50        ADD Avocado $1.50



Order any sandwich above (EXCEPTION - STRYKER & FRENCH DIP) as a salad, no sides are included.     Dressing Choice of: Ranch,  O&V,  Italian,  Honey Mustard. 



Dessert - ask about today’s selection

SGB Root Beer Float  $5

Cold Brew Coffee Float  $6 (can add chocolate or caramel syrup)

One scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream  $3 (can add chocolate or caramel syrup)

Cinnamon & Sugar Hot Soft Pretzel  with a side of caramel sauce. $4