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Thank you for your patience and support

through the last few weeks

since our closure due to Covid-19.


Starting Friday May 22nd

we are changing our online ordering platform.   

Please excuse any issue we might have - hopefully there will be none! 


Next Beer Pick up will be Saturday 5/23 between 2 & 5pm

PLEASE pre-order/pay online BEFORE NOON

to help us get your order out in an efficient manner.

As the weeks progress we hope to work any glitches out and offer more menu items!  


When visiting us please observe social distancing and use a face covering.

"I protect you & you protect me". Thank you SO much! 


Please note: We do not accept *reservations,

Please ask a staff member to be seated & when looking full - ask to be put on the table list.

  *However we do appreciate a 'heads up' if a large party has plans to drop in.

We are very, very small - seat only 45 inside plus another 20 outside seasonally...

therefore ... we simply cannot accommodate 'tour' or like sized groups! 



Please carry valid ID no matter what your age & expect to show ID if you appear under 40. 

We now welcome minors to frequent, a few simple 'LCB' rules apply. 

Pub policy - no one under 21 years of age on premise after 10pm.