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Normal Hours:

                                                                              *SUNDAY SEPT 8th CLOSED  SGB Staff PickNic - Hop Drop

Open at 11AM 

Wednesday - *Sunday   

Closed Monday and Tuesdays 

Staff PickNic - Hop Drop SUNDAY SEPT 8th CLOSED  

Holidays- Closed 



Please note: We do not accept reservations,

If  we are full or it looks busy upon your arrival...

please find a staff member & ask to be put on the table list.

  *However we do appreciate a 'heads up' if a larger party has plans to drop in.

We are very, very small - seat only 45 inside plus another 20 outside seasonally...

therefore ... we simply cannot accommodate 'tour' or like sized groups! 



Please carry valid ID no matter what your age & expect to show ID if you appear under 40. 

We now welcome minors to frequent, a few simple 'LCB' rules apply. 

Pub policy - no one under 21 years of age on premise after 10pm.