Governor Simon Snyder
Governor Simon Snyder



Our Staff / the pub family:

Let us face it, the 'pub' wouldn't be here without a fantastic, amazing, wonderful staff!

Sara, Nikki, & Bridget have been here for a LONG time, surpassing or closing in on 20 years each - everyone up to our latest hire is like family, we are truly blessed! 

Our loyal customers of course also have to take credit for what the Pub is today - in the days before social media it was all word of mouth- so Thank You!


Our Building 

The historic building SGB calls home was completed  in 1816 by Pennsylvania’s third and only three term governor, Simon Snyder, for whom our county was named. Construction began before the war of 1812, and was paused during the war. The building remains remarkably intact and is on the National Historic Register.

The Selin’s Grove Brewing Co. is housed on the ground floor in the governor’s original kitchen, complete with a walk-in fireplace, the back room houses another fireplace that was in a detached summer kitchen. The current rear frame addition was built around 1900.


 In the late nineteenth century the building was home to Matilda Pierce Alleman who wrote a fairly famous book in civil war circles, about her experience as a girl during the civil war, Gettysburg; What a Girl Saw and Heard of the Battle.


OUR LOGO...what's with the Dog?

Our logo  was designed when we discovered an historical account of a distillery & brewery in Selinsgrove in the 1830s that employed otherwise stray dogs to run in a large wheel thus powering the pumps. 

Every year we make a point of giving generously to local no-kill animal shelters in the memory of those working dogs.


Brewing & about us

2022 marks 29 years EACH working professionally in the brewing industry for owners Heather McNabb & Steve Leason. 

Steve Leason, our head brewer, grew up in Maine &  started home brewing in art school, RISD, in 1985. 

In 1991 Heather McNabb, our assistant brewer, met Steve while living in Burlington Vermont. They worked at an Inn together on the coast of Maine & continued to refine their home brewing skills, eventually they both took a hands on brewing course with Alan Pugsley at Kennebunk Brewing. 

They then ventured west in hopes of landing jobs in the more mature markets of Colorado.


They both worked full time at New Belgium Brewing Co. during a period of immense and gritty growth from 1993-1995. It ended up being a great opportunity to gain experience in all aspects from raw materials & brewing to packaging & testing. We left after they started building the 'new' current brewery. 


Steve & Heather then moved 'back east'. 

They into an rental house on North Water St. Selinsgrove, Pa.  just in time for the flood of January 1996 (a great way to meet ALL the neighbors) with big plans to open a tiny brew-pub a block away on the ground floor of the historic Governor Snyder Mansion.


SGB 'pub' opened in late 1996 with the idea of steering clear of production brewing & staying community focused.

We started in 1996 with a tiny 3bbl system. The whole operation was squeezed into a 9 by 13 foot room in the basement. 

In August of 2004 we started production in the garage. We currently have a direct fired 10hl system, our kettle was custom made in western Pa. & our mash tun was made in Canada.


Steve Leason & Heather McNabb still do all the brewing and cellaring & have no plans to expand or package.

Thankfully to our loyal customers & staff we survived the turbulent Covid-shut downs & it's huge loss in business. 

We celebrated 25 years in business in 2021 - we are currently looking for energetic new leadership to take the pub (and property) into the next 25! 

Please contact us if you are seriously interested.