A perfect day in the Grove

Check out our great Selin's Grove downtown!

Many shops, restaurants to be discovered - just click the link above link...then come & explore!

Kayak, Canoe or Tube

Bring your kayak or canoe-  or rent in advance from outfitters in town.
There are several resident Bald Eagles in Selinsgrove and plenty of other critters
to discover on our wide easy going Susquehanna river, (with tons of cool islands to paddle around), Middle and Penn's Creek which both terminate here in the Grove are equally fun & more challenging, if the water isn't low.

Easy access from  two Selinsgrove public landings; one on the Susquehanna on Frint Street - Isle of Que- and a gravel one on Penns Creek at the end of Sassafrass St. at 'Little Norway'. 

Paddle idea 'Easy River'- Access Susquhanna river at 'Shady Nook' public landing off the 'Old Trail' behind WalMart - an Easy 2-3 hours to Isle of Que public landing in Selinsgrove. Attempt at your own risk!

* you can also leave & return from Susquehanna boat landing (if water isn't high paddling upstream isn't bad) & paddle around an island then return.  Attempt at your own risk!

Paddle 'Penn's Creek' -Access Penns Creek up at New Berlin's park a 5-6hr somewhat challenging paddle to the Grove's landing on the End of Sassafrass St. at 'Little norway' landing. Don't attempt of water is super low or high!  Attempt at your own risk!

CYCLING, walking & running
Serious or recreational cyclists will love the great back roads through miles of rural Amish
countryside that surround Selinsgrove!

Enter in our zip code 17870 (Heather's routes -at your own risk- are under 'hhays' ) on  'map my ride' for some great routes that start end right here! DID YOU KNOW we keep a decent bike pump -  in the brown recycling shed for our cyclist customers? Just ask for it!


'Isle of Que' LOOP  - a 5 or 3 mile option - a family favorite!

A nice ride/walk/run  to the 'Isle of Que' which is scenic & fairly low traffic (as always exercise caution & rules of the road- travel at your own risk).

Directions- Head south on Market street to the red light - go left onto Pine Street over bridge until it ends at the river then turn right  along the river until it ends at a farm & return -this loop is 5 miles.  It is ...three miles from the pub to the public landing & back- same directions.... just stop at public landing on the Susquehanna, skip a few rocks, watch the boaters, (peek at Bald Eagle's nest on island opposite the landing) use the porta-potty and return for a pub refreshments!


ICE SKATING- only open it its been seriously cold - 'Little Norway' at the END of North Water St.-  is an ALL volunteer outdoor old fashion community effort - skates are FREE to borrow (of every type and size)  Please give a donation! Night lighting & skates, pucks and sticks -as available!



SELINSGROVE INN    just one block awayfrom the pub!

Isle of Que Guest House   adorable guest house along the river - a 10 minute walk from pub!