Aug 2016 WE ARE HIRING NOW!! -please don't wait a minute - let us know ASAP if you are looking for a great job.

Please come in and fill out an application TODAY - we have an immediate opening in the kitchen - we pay well & treat you well! 

- PT kitchen &  PT waitstaff again as our trusty mostly non-traditional  student crew members go back to school or graduate & move on!


In never know when a Kitchen, Waitstaff or some other position may open up SO if you clicked on this tab PLEASE come by and fill out an application...


....and save us the 'searching' whenever an opening comes up!

We always go through recent applications and often we call those folks FIRST before spending money on advertising.


We'd MUCH rather pay YOU than pay for another stinking crazy expensive classified or online ad!


Most of our staff have been here for YEARS and it is because we value them - be FIRST in line!