SGB's own custom designed bicycle jersey & shorts!

Those listed below for sale on this page are in stock &  are available for sale online only. If you live locally you can arrange (in comment area) to pick up at pub after the online purchase.


If you don't see your size or if you want bibs or a different cut ('race' cut or sleeveless for example) please contact us, we can add you to our special order list. We order about once year - or longer - until we get 10 piece minimum.


The items we still have in stock now (Jan 2017) were made by V-gear and are very good quality. Any future orders will come from VERGE sport as V-gear was reabsorbed by their parent company. Verge makes higher quality gear at - you guessed it- a higher cost! Any new jersey we order in 2017 will start around $80 ea - VERGE link to styles and sizing. 

We are happy to order any custom item you need in our custom design - just visit the VERGE site to see the styles and sizing.


for special orders - inquire through CONTACT PAGE


We sell these at a price just to cover our costs, we have them because we LOVE cycling!


We are proud supporters of the Nittney Mountain Bike Association,  Bald Eagle Mountain Bike Association  & People for Bikes!





SGB Custom SS Bike Jersey 3/4 zip front - three pocket on back  with reflective details. 

For Sizing    YES -women's sizes are tailored for women- yeah!                     

*don't see your size or want sleeveless or race cut?

You can special order - inquire through 'contact' page * 2017 prices are about $20 more per piece- because they are now made by VERGE. 



  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 3-5 days


Our custom shorts match our jersey for the complete kit!

SGB logo on rear and side SGB 'Hop' finial on cuff. 

* Special order 2017 prices will be about $20 more per piece- because they are now made by VERGE.


  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 3-5 days