S e l i n ’s     G r o v e       B r e w i n g  


N  I B  B L E  S


Hot Soft Pretzel    Delicious  & made locally,  served with spicy  mustard  3.5 ea or    3 / 10

Artichoke Spinach Dip Bread Bowl    9   add fresh  veggies +2

Hummus Plate    Our hummus  du jour with  wedges of pita   7.5 add fresh  veggies +2

Curried Chicken Plate   Warming  chicken salad  made with our very  own curry, ripe red  

             grapes and crunchy  celery served with wedges  of pita   8.5 add fresh  veggies +2

Quesadillas   made with a seasoned wrap, served with our pub  salsa & sour cream  

      Pollo   Chicken,  avocado, cheddar &  chipotle mayo 9 

      Barbocoa   Chicken  & bacon,  jalapeño jack, onion  & BBQ sauce 9

      Verde   Cheddar,  broccoli & red onion    7.5

Nachos    Organic corn chips,  cheddar cheese, pub salsa,  pepper rings & sour cream 11      

                                                                                                  add veg chili +2   add avocado +1.5

Pulled Pork Nachos   Organic  corn chips,  jalapeño jack cheese,  Stryker farms pulled pork,

             pickled onions,  sour cream, BBQ  sauce drizzle 14

3 Cheese Plate   Cheddar, Swiss and jalapeño jack,  crackers, and two mustards 6

Chips & Salsa   Organic  corn chips  & fresh pub  salsa 7.5

 Local Cheese Board   Two  cheeses  from local  Pennsylvania farms, ask  about today’s offerings,

            served with mustards  and locally made ‘Rip Rap’ crackers   12

Charcuterie Slate Artisan  cured meats sourced in-state, served  with seasonal accompaniments

             & bread, ask about  current selections.     14


S  O U  P &    C H I L  I

Pub-made Soup du jour, see chalkboard or ask                                         Bowl 5 Cup 3

Vegan Pub Chili (v)  Our hearty  3 bean chili,  top if you like with  cheddar or jalapeño jack

                                                   served with organic corn chips  Bowl  6.5       Cup 4.5


S  A L  A D S

Mediterranean Salad (v) Kalamata  olives, cucumber,  tomato, red pepper,  onion & feta, on

            mixed greens with  pita wedges, served  with our own Greek dressing    9.5  

Taco Salad (v)   Our vegetarian chili in a bed of spring mix greens with jalapeño jack cheese &

            pepper rings, onion, tomato and topped with fresh avocado, sour cream, corn chips     11

Solstice Salad (v)  Sliced granny smith apples, blue cheese crumbles, walnuts, craisins, & onion on

            a bed of spring mix greens, served with an orange balsamic vinaigrette     9.5 

 +add to the above                               deli chicken +2 dry smoked wild salmon  +4      

Curry Chicken Salad  Chicken  salad made  with our own curry & red  grapes on mixed greens

            with tomatoes,  croutons, sunflower seeds,  orange balsamic vinaigrette.   10     

Chef Salad Choice of; chicken, roast beef, ham, pastrami with veggies & cheese on a bed of mixed  

            greens, croutons. Chickpeas upon request.           Choice of dressing (see below) 11

                                                              vegetarian chef 9          dry smoked salmon chef 13           

Side Salad mix of fresh veggies on a bed of mixed greens with choice of dressing (see below) 3.5

Pub-Made Salad Dressings:

    Ranch ~Orange Balsamic Vinaigrette ~Greek ~ Blue Cheese~ Honey Mustard ~Oil & Vinegar


ASK ABOUT OUR WEEKLY SPECIALS - listed on chalkboards, above bar & in dining room

S  A N  D W I  C H E S choose: Potato Chips,  Seasonal Slaw, Corn  Chips or Potato Salad


Hummus Wrap (v)  Hummus du jour, mixed greens, tomatoes, and red onions in a wrap. 8

Sunflower  (v)  Cheddar cheese, mixed greens, tomato, red onion & crunchy sunflower seeds

                          on wheat bread with honey mustard and mayonnaise.      8.5

Solstice Wrap (v)  Granny  smith apple slices, walnuts,  craisins, onions, and mixed greens  

                          topped with blue cheese dressing  in a seasoned wrap. 8.5

Chili Changa (v) Our  hearty vegetarian chili,  jalapeño jack cheese, tomatoes  & mixed greens

                         folded into a  seasoned wrap  and topped with salsa & sour cream.   9

Briar Patch (v)  Shredded carrots,  fresh red peppers, mixed greens,  tomato, spinach-artichoke

                          dip, on wheat bread. 8.5

Mediterranean Wrap (v)   Kalamata olives, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, red onion, feta and

                         lettuce in a wrap with house made Greek dressing.      8.5

add to above   chicken, ham, pastrami, bacon or roast beef +2      dry smoked wild salmon +4


Hamwich  Ham, Swiss, red onion, mixed greens and spicy mustard on a warm pretzel bun.   8.5

B.L.T.        The classic trio with mayo,  moves up a notch on a delicious warm pretzel bun.   8.5

Curried Chicken Pita  Our own curry, red grapes & celery, mixed greens on a pita.     8.5

Chipotle Chicken Wrap   Chicken, jalapeño jack cheese, avocado, mixed greens, onion,

                          tomato and our spicy chipotle mayonnaise in a seasoned wrap.     9

Governor     Roast beef, jalapeño jack cheese, lettuce, onion, & ranch on a pretzel bun.  9.5

Salmon Wrap  Our spinach-artichoke cheese spread topped with ‘Wild for Salmon’ dry smoked

                        wild salmon, rolled up in a wrap with tomato, cucumbers & mixed greens.    11

Roast Beef   Roast beef, swiss cheese, horseradish sauce, lettuce & onion on marbled rye.     9.5

The Ranch   Chicken, bacon, jalapeño jack, lettuce, tomato, onion & ranch on wheat bread.  9

Barnyard     Chicken, roast beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, mixed greens, tomato, onion, spicy

                      mustard and mayonnaise on wheat bread.                    10.5

Hokey Pokey   Ham and our spinach-artichoke cheese spread, lettuce on a warm pretzel bun.    9

Orchard Bird   Chicken,  melted cheddar,  bacon, apple slices, BBQ sauce, warm pretzel bun.      9.5

The Classic    Warm deli pastrami  & Swiss cheese with yellow mustard on rye.     11

Stryker  Pulled pork from Stryker farm, tangy BBQ sauce, served warm on a demi-baguette.   10.5         

French Dip Warm Roast beef, melted swiss, on a demi-baguette, served with au jus.    12


 Cup & a Half - a cup of soup & a half of a *sandwich served with pickle and crackers.    9.

       substitute chili with corn chips  for 1.5 more   *unavailable on Wraps, Stryker & French Dip


D R I N K S              2                      

Coke          Diet Coke         Ginger Ale       Sprite        Organic Lemonade      Seltzer with lemon slice

Pub Brewed Iced Tea  (one re-fill)       Milk or Chocolate     Hot Herbal Teas: Lemon Ginger or Mint

COFFEE  ‘Fresh Roasted’ Sunbury (one re-fill)                 Hot Tea:  English Breakfast,  Green   or   Earl Grey


  ~ SGB Pub Root Beer   2.5    & Cold Brewed Coffee on Nitro   3.5 ~


S    W    E    E    T    S


Root Beer Float SGB root beer & vanilla ice cream    5           Dessert of the Day - Market Price               

Cinnamon & Sugar Hot Pretzel with caramel sauce 3.5                4 oz Chocolate Covered Pretzels  5

Vanilla Ice Cream chocolate syrup and/or caramel sauce   3.5 


*Health Disclaimer- Consuming undercooked meats, and cheese made from raw unpasteurized milk may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

*Allergy Alert- We do use tree and ground nuts in our kitchen, please let us know if you have allergies so we can do our best!  

A percentage of SGB food sales are shared with our hard working kitchen staff :)             


OPEN Wed. - Sun. @ 11am

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