What's on draft?

PLEASE NOTE - Until further notice we CAN NOT FILL any growlers due to a LCB compliance issue we are working hard to resolve,  it is estimated to take 6-8 weeks.

PLEASE continue to support us through this 'bump' by continuing to visit us to; enjoy our beer, other beverages, great food, in our historic ambiance with our friendly awesome pub staff!


If you are making a special trip for a special beer give us a call-  although short of a live web cam on the taps... the beers come and go - it happens.

Sorry we don't update more often- we're doing our best & errors are made occasionally- we are a small operation


On draft January 13th

* PLEASE See above announcment about growler fills!

Capt. Selin's Cream Ale 

Dinkel Fall WIT local micro malted; Barley & spelt from Deer Creek  (Pa.) this new batch is a shade darker - due to a new batch of spelt! 

American Pale Ale Refreshing & well hopped!  AKA by regulars'John Wayne' - saddle up!

BLACK IPA tall dark and handsome 

Hop Nouveau Ale  100% local hops & Pa. Malt - malty herbaceous. 

FRAMBOISE tart raspberry ale loaded with fruit


Solstice Dubbel

Double Centennial IPA

Shade Mtn Oatmeal Stout  mix in our nitro cold brew for a custom 'coffee stout'! 

Jack's Hard Cider semi-sweet & sparkling 


COCKTAIL ON TAP: Selin's Grove Cranberry Mule, house made spicy gingerbeer, fresh juiced lime & cranberry, Pa. Rye Vodka- YUM

Cold Brewed Nitro Coffee- that's right - coffee from a stout faucet - strong, aromatic & frothy...an amazing cup of joe! Served as it is, or over ice OR ....mixed in to your favorite beer - hint, hint... make your own coffee porter or stout - Currently it's an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Fresh Roasted Coffee - roasted right HERE in the Grove! 

ROOT BEER our own brewery made soda - made using organic cane sugar.


On engine: No fills

Big Hill Ciderworks Barrel Aged Reserve

Brew Cannon by Civil War Cider  made from pressed frozen apples! 7.5%abv traditional unfiltered and still.


Back January 18th 

-2015 Saint Fillian's Wee Heavy Wednesday 


coming up:      

Big Hill Cider Works':  Kriek Cider, sour marmalade & little round hop

On the way - more IPA, more Scottish,

NEXT COCKTAIL - 'SGB Agnus’ A pineapple dark and stormy made with *Shakey Jake’s White Rum made by Midstate Distillery -Harrisburg, Pa., our own spicy ginger beer made tons of fresh ginger and natural cane sugar, fresh juiced pineapples and limes with a touch of molasses and a whisper of nutmeg.  * gluten free! 


Our Pennsylvania Wines:

Shade Mountain Winery- Snyder Co.

Cab Franc - rich dry red

Chardonnay NEW - trying it out - buttery, dry white 

Reisling - off dry white

Cranberry - sweet fruit

Brookemere Winery - Mifflin Co.

Frog Hollow - sweet rose

Tears of the Goose - semi sweet blush - Zin-like

Sangria - we serve it with Sprite over ice with an orange wedge!

Seven Mountains winery - Centre Co.

Traminette- a German style white

Merlot (made with Calif. Juice!)

One to two Rotating Cider Taps from these Pa. Cider mills, among others! :

Keewaydin -  Frenchville, pa.

Civil War Cider - Lewisburg, Pa. 

Wyndridge - Dallastown, pa

Jack's - Gettysburg area

Big Hill - Gardner, Pa. Adams Co.